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Saturday, February 7, 2009

2008 Disneyland Half Marathon Trip Report Summary

Are you familiar with Passporter? If not, I suggest you check out http://www.passporter.com/ - it's a guide book, trip report helper and organizer all in one. I have been using it since 2000 and I use it on all my trips - not just to Disney.

Rather than bore you with my airport and plane ride home, I thought you might enjoy a day by day summary (from Passporter pockets) and I'll post some pictures of Disneyland and California Adventure.

Memories of My Room
The first impression of my room was...It's okay.
The best thing was...having a room at the very end of the building.
The worst thing was...being on the freeway side as it is a bit noisy and takes getting used to.
The amenities were...okay, nothing overly special.
I tried...sleeping...and the result was...not easy to do the first couple of nights.
The view was...really bad, unless you like looking at the freeway.
Best feature...walking distance to Disneyland and California Adventure.
Worst feature...the freeway noise.

My First Day
The weather today was...partly cloudy and not to hot.
The best thing today was...the Expo.
The worst thing today was...being super tired.
The funniest thing today was...experiencing the Expo and seeing the different runners - elite, everyday, walkers from all walks of life.
Today I tried...visualization and chi running techniques...and the result was...a relaxing and interesting couple of sessions.
The most magical moment today was...realizing that I can do the half marathon.

My Second Day
The weather today was...cool and overcast.
The best thing today was...running the 5K.
The worst thing today was...the wait at McDonald's to get food to eat.
The funniest thing today was...a little boy running his heart out in the 5K and the way everyone was cheering for him.
Today I tried...the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K...and the result was...a fabulous and fun race.

The most magical moment today was...running the whole 5K and feeling really good after.

My Third Day
The weather today was...cool and cloudy.
The best thing today was...finishing my first half marathon.
The worst thing today was...the pain in my left knee and right hip after the race.
The funniest thing today was...just witnessing all the people at the race and the cheers, the jeers, the runner's comments, etc..
Today I tried...my first half marathon...and the result was...a fabulous race that left me in agonizing pain at the end.
The most magical moment today was...crossing the finish line and high fiving Mickey's hand.

My Fourth Day
The weather today was...beautiful and cloudy in the morning an hot and sunny in the afternoon.
The best thing today was...getting on a lot of the attractions even though there were a lot of people.
The worst thing today was...my sore knee.
The funniest thing today was...listening to a dad try to convince kids that they had to get out of the subs to meet Ariel.

Today I tried...Nemo's Submarine Voyage...and the result was...a fun and entertaining ride.
The most magical moment today was...still riding the high of finishing the half marathon.

My Fifth Day
The weather today was...sunny, hot and humid.
The best thing today was...Toy Story Mania.
The worst thing today was...the heat and humidity.
The funniest thing today was...the cast member at Soarin' telling men not to try to use the center strap on the seat.
Today I tried...Toy Story Mania...and the result was...a fabulous, interactive, addictive ride.
The most magical moment today was...walking on almost every ride!

My Sixth Day
The weather today was...sunny, humid and hot.
The best thing today was...no lines for anything.
The worst thing today was...the heat and Toy Story being down in the afternoon.
The funniest thing today was...a guy next to me on Tower of Terror that grabbed my leg on the first drop because it caught him off guard.

Today I tried...to break 200,000 on Toy Story Mania...and the result was...disappointing that I couldn't do it, but still fun trying.
The most magical moment today was...meeting nice people in the Soarin' and Tower of Terror lines!

My Seventh Day
The weather today was...so hot and sunny.
The best thing today was...walking on everything in Disneyland.
The worst thing today was...being really hot and tired.
The funniest thing today was...a comment by a guest about 2000 Leagues Under the Sea and how they were testing it out for other parks.
Today I tried...parking hopping...and the result was...fun and let me get an extra two rides on Toy Story Mania.
The most magical moment today was...relaxing and enjoying my last day!

My Magical Moments
My most memorable day was...Sunday, August 31st...because...I finished my first half marathon and while it was certainly difficult, it was also exhilarating and made me very happy and proud.
My most memorable place was...Disney's California Adventure...because...I had so much fun on the rides there and I think I've become a zero g junky from Tower of Terror and California Screamin'.
My most memorable attraction was...Toy Story Mania...because...this is a fabulous, interactive, innovative attraction and while I don't want every ride to be interactive, if they continue to add excellent technology like this I'll be very happy.
My most memorable activity was...the half marathon (of course)...because...there were so many people and it was challenging and full of inspiration and fun at the same time.
My most memorable meal was...I'm sorry to say there weren't any...because...I was on a budget and there just wasn't a lot of choices for me this trip.
My most magic moment of all was...crossing the finish line at the half marathon...because...I did. Even though I gained weight beforehand, I didn't train enough, and I wasn't confident that I would finish....I DID IT!

I love the castle and I like to try to get different perspectives

Even if you don't want to ride in the swinging cars - it's still very pretty to look at

Waterfalls are so peaceful and this one with Grizzly River Run behind it makes me smile

So interactive and fun to watch - it's Mr. Potato Head!

See Monster's Inc. in the background?

Hollywood Tower Hotel - looks a mess and provides a scream every time!

A classic Mickey in plain view

California dreamin'


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