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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Disneyland 2008 1/2 Marathon Trip - Day 4

Monday, September 1, 2008

The wake up call and alarm went off at 7:00am - oops, I'm just not ready to get up yet! I decide to go back to sleep until 7:40am. Test a step or two - my left knee is still hurting pretty good, the hip feels okay. I can deal with this. I took my shower and got ready to go. Out the door by 8:20am.

Oh, the walk was a bit painful this morning, but better than I expected and I was in the park by 8:30am. I headed straight to the Blue Ribbon Bakery for a big ol' cookie and a hazelnut mocha - I know still not good food for me, but oh so YUMMY. As I waited for 9:00am I ducked in to a couple of shops to look around. Yikes, I think it'll be packed today because people are crowded all the way past the bakery on Main Street. That's okay though, I'm on a mission! The rope drops and I head straight to Haunted Mansion and it's a walk on.

I notice they made a lot of the same changes with Madame Leota and the attic as they did in Walt Disney World - that's cool. I like the changes, they enhanced the ride rather than detracting from it's original look and feel.

Next, I walked on Pirates. I love the drops here and the length of the ride is perfect, but I still like Walt Disney World just as well. There were short waits for Big Thunder Mountain, Mr Toad's Wild Ride and then I took the plunge and waited 45 minutes for Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage.

The submarine's are a classic and I appreciate that they have brought them back to life. It's cute and I enjoyed it. The nostalgia factor makes this one just a little better than the clam mobiles at Epcot, but I do like not being stuffed together like sardines better at Epcot :)!

I decided to head over to Innoventions to check out the House of the Future. There are certainly some cool features and I notice they are mostly built around Windows Media Center from what I saw of the controls - not too shabby. The pirate bedroom was amazing, but I just wonder if it will ever be feasible and what happens when your child wants to change themes? The dining room table with different themed pictures were one of my favorites, but the thing I would take home today would be the picture tables - I love that you can re-size, arrange, flip through the pictures all with your fingertips!

It was about lunch time so I headed over to Pizza Port. I had pasta, bread and water. It was a good lunch and I enjoyed it, but at $17.10 it should be good.

Since I'm in the vicinity I decided to head to Space Mountain. I always forget that there aren't any drops on this one. I actually find that kind of sad. I still really like it though and I do really like getting in and out of this one a lot better than WDW.

One of my favorites is Buzz Lightyear so I headed straight over and got on. I forgot that you have to keep shooting with this one instead of just holding the trigger. For some reason I really didn't enjoy this one very much today. I think I must just be a bit tired.

Time to head over to Indiana Jones to get in line. I'm in line for five minutes and the ride is shut down and the line is emptied. It never fails, I swear it does this every time I get in line.

Back over to Pirates with a very short wait. Ah, it feels good to sit down and enjoy. Haunted Mansion with a short wait is next. I love Haunted Mansion - it really is one of the best rides.

Guess what - Indiana Jones is back up and running and has a 30 minute wait. I get in line - I don't mind waiting in line for this one as I like the queue area. Such a good ride too. The effects are really well done in this one.

I have to go on Jungle cruise and with a five minute wait - now is the time. The captain is just okay on this one. It's amazing how much their spiel can improve or bring down the whole ride.

Somewhere in this ride fest I did do Matterhorn as well. I remember really loving this one as a kid, but now I find it a little hard on my body. It's just so jerky, even though it can be painful I still have to do it every time.

Then it was time to just wander around a little bit and decided to wait in line and I do mean wait in line for (what else) a Dole Whip Float. YUMMY! I hit a bench and sit to enjoy.

Next up was Honey I Shrunk the Audience. I like this show, but I think its relevance is gone and it's time for a re-do.

It's a little after 6:15pm and I head through the shops to do a quick scan of the merchandise. Then it's time to head out for the day. I am a bit tired now.

I wanted to head to Downtown Disney in the hopes of finding dinner and maybe some last minute half marathon merchandise. World of Disney didn't have any half marathon stuff and I'm walking around and can't find anything that I really want to eat. I go against my better judgement and head over to the Disneyland Hotel to see if they have any half marathon merchandise left. Yes - I found a key chain (I collect key chains), a t-shirt and a couple of pins (determination, courage and perseverance). Later I realize that I didn't get one of my pins - bummer.

I still can't find anything that I really want to eat so I headed out. I ended up back at McDonald's (sensing a theme here) and stopped to get water at the store at the hotel. By the time I got back up to the room it was almost 8:00pm. I ate my dinner and relaxed.

A quick check of work email, updated my trip journal and it's time to watch a little TV. Time for bed.

Good news for the day - I've worked most of the pain out of my knee and at least I don't have to limp any more. It's still sore, but much better and I don't think I've done any real damage.

Tomorrow is California Adventure and I hope - Toy Story Mania!

NOTE: I'd post pictures, but I really kept this vacation light on the photo side of things. I don't think I took any pictures this day, but I promise I did take a few later on.


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