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Friday, January 30, 2009

Disneyland 2008 1/2 Marathon Trip - Day 3

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My cell phone alarm went off at 4:01am this morning with the hotel wake up call shortly after that. It was time to get out of bed and head for the shower to help loosen me up and wake me up. Thankfully, 4:00am is my normal morning running time at home.

I managed to get my nerves under control enough to get dressed. I ate a Powerbar and headed out the door at 4:45am.

It was dark outside and cool and nice. The walk today was not a solitary walk - there were already a ton of people all headed to the same location. A lot of hello and good luck wishes were shared by people of all shapes as sizes as we made our way along the sidewalk.

I made it to the race area and it was loud, crowded and absolutely wonderful! Okay, so I decided to hit the porta-potty line immediately and I have to say my stomach was turning - I know it was just nerves kicking in, but I had to get myself under control.

It's just 5:00am and we're already being sent to the chutes. I'm in E corral and I slowly made my way. I'm sure I must have walked a mile just to get in place in the corral. It was truly amazing just how long the chute is and I felt like I just kept walking.

The atmosphere is electric. People are talking and laughing and giving each other pep talks. I tried to stretch a little bit, but that was really just a way to keep my nerves in check. The wait is long - I knew it would be, but it's almost torture. I just want to start running!

There are people in front of me and behind me as far as my eyes can see. I'm just a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people. WOW! I'm so nervous, but I can do this - I know I can.

There's an announcer again and lights and music and a marriage proposal. It did help pass the time and keep your mind off your nerves.

My corral started at about 6:20am and it's a super slow start. Donald, Daisy and Goofy are in a monorail above the starting line waving at us.

I thought I might try to stay with the 2:45 Clif Pace Team or at least I thought I'd try...I was with them for about two miles and then I have no idea where they went - I didn't see them the rest of the race. I ran and felt really good the first six miles.

The first mile was crowded and the pace frenetic as every one's adrenaline is pumping fast and furious. This part of the course was all road running and right about mile two we headed in to California Adventure and ran all through the park.

Next up was Disneyland. There's still no better feeling than running through Disneyland. There were plenty of characters, cast members, volunteers and spectators cheering us on. I ran through the castle and it brought a huge smile to my face!

Then we were back to road running - mile four, mile five, mile six. I was utilizing every water stop as I decided to travel light and not carry my own water. I actually think this was a good thing for me as the water stops are positioned just about perfectly and I may have over drank if I had water with me.

There goes mile seven, mile eight, and mile nine. I was doing pretty good, but I was starting to get tired. I felt like I was falling apart physically, but I had a new mantra. I kept singing a little song to myself the whole race - "I can do it, I can do it, I can really, really do it!" Think the mice singing about helping Cinderella and you'll figure out the tune I used. I had to start doing quite a bit of walking around mile eight or so.

I am still keeping a pretty good pace even though I'm having to walk more and more. Past mile nine and we're headed towards Angels Stadium. I pick up momentum here as the energy is high and there is an announcer announcing people's city/states as they go through. Gilbert, AZ - hey, that's me! I'm at mile 10 and I'm running again for a while.

Getting close to mile 11 and I have to walk to mile 12. At this point I run for a little bit with an elderly gentleman - he's so inspirational! I can't tell you his exact age, but I'd guess over 60 and a little bit further ahead - his wife. Everyone is urging them on, congratulating them and just giving so much encouragement. That's what I love about running - people aren't looking for others to fail - it's all about helping people finish!

Mile 12 to 13 I end up doing walk, jog, walk, jog alternating paces. Once I hit Mile 13 and I know I hit Downtown Disney, the end is so close now. A tenth of a mile - I can so do this. I push it as fast as I can, I'm almost done. I see Mickey and I kick up my pace a little more.

As I cross the finish line I get to high five Mickey. Oh my gosh, I'm done. I did it, my first half marathon and I'm alive and I didn't get swept.

Is it pain free? No - not by a long shot. My left knee is hurting, my right hip is sore and my stomach has been upset for the last three miles. Did it matter? Not at that moment.

My goal for this race was going to be 2 hours 30 minutes. I knew going in to the race that was not going to happen this time, but I'd sure try as hard as I could.

My Clock Time: 3:03:20
My Chip Time: 2:46:45
My Garmin Time: 2:46:13

I moved forward with the other people that finished and had my chip removed and was handed my coveted medal! I grabbed two waters, a Powerade and a banana. Then I get in line for a photo - this is where it all starts getting painful.

I get my picture taken and start moving away. I am starting to get stiff as I stood in line. I am thrilled to be done, but my stomach was in knots. I know it was just let down and probably some exhaustion.

Everything is roped off because the course goes right through the area, but I finally made it to Downtown Disney. Thank goodness there's a bathroom. I'm really starting to get stiff and sore now. It was so bad I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep walking. My left knee starts hurting to the point that it takes all of my effort to keep walking. I stopped at La Brea Bakery to grab a muffin and a smoothie and it was not very quick so by the time I left I wasn't sure how I was going to walk back to the hotel.

It was the longest mile walk I've ever taken...It took me a long time to get back to the hotel. I knew I was done for so I stopped at the hotel store to stock up on water and snacks. I hobbled back to my room, took a shower, went to get ice for my knee and sat down to eat my muffin.

I thought that I would take a break and try to sleep, but it just wasn't going to happen. I pretty much stayed on the bed with ice on my knee and hip as much as I could stand. At 5:00pm I took a hot bath. At 7:00pm I ended up headed back to the hotel store to grab something to eat for dinner. Healthy fare - no, not at all, but it's as far as I could walk.

By 8:30pm I was just about ready for bed. No matter how sore I am in the morning, I'm going to Disneyland. I have to do Haunted Mansion before it closes for its holiday make over and I want to do the submarine voyage. Other than that I'll just take it easy.

My take aways from the race:
-I should probably pickup some Body Glide as I have raw spots under my left arm and my legs. I must be out of practice as that never happens at home.
-I need to train more for the next half marathon.
-I need to do whatever I can to run rather than speed walk - I know the speed walking is what is causing my hips to get sore and I know that even a slow run is more efficient than speed walking for me.
-It would probably be a good idea to stock my room with food the night before in case of high levels of pain preventing me from walking to go get food after the race.
-Use the water stops - even if you just spill it on yourself it feels good.
-Hearing people that you don't know shout your name and tell you to keep going is amazing.
-The cheerleader squads and marching bands throughout the course provide so much energy and entertainment it really keeps the course lively and less boring.
-If there are overpasses or on/off ramps - walk them if you need to. You can make up the time on the downhill.
-If you feel sick, take a deep breath and relax
-Find a motto that you can keep telling yourself - make it memorable, recognizable to you and fun to chant.
-Have FUN!

Even with all the things that went wrong, it was such a great experience. The other runners were great, the volunteers were incredible, the cast members and characters were motivating and most of all the challenge is unbelievable!

Tomorrow is Disneyland - YEAH!


Rae! said...

It sounds like you had a blast. What I learned from reading your trip report. I have some advice.
You should have carried your own water, so you could have carried something with you to give your body some type of energy. I started using Roctane recommended by my local running store.Mini cliff bars are the bomb. And you need to stretch after you get your medal. And you need a recovery drink to help you muscles to recover. The first 15 minutes is when your muscles need it the most.
It helps the joints too.

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