2015 Training Stats

Miles Completed = 305.70
(Run/Walked = 204.53, Biked = 94.9, Elliptical = 6.27)


Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 Never Land 5K

While my pictures aren't always great some of these will be pretty blurry.  It rained through the majority oft the race - nothing drastic, just light rain that made things a bit wet.  The weather may not have been perfect, but this is still my favorite runDisney 5K - starting on Main Street in the dark, no assigned corrals and a ton of fun!

 photo 2015nl5k1_zpsxarmtpdg.jpg
2015 Never Land 5K bib
 photo 2015nl5k5_zpsilxkszpx.jpg
5K Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2015nl5k6_zpsyhw1qpao.jpg
5K I Did It Car Magnet
 photo 2015nl5k2_zpslqnyvsqm.jpg
Never Land 5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015nl5k44_zpskbpxhpzi.jpg
On the way to the race, before the rain started
 photo 2015nl5k7_zps2sfagowb.jpg
No assigned corrals for this race so I'm pretty close to the front of corral A.  
 photo 2015nl5k40_zpsnepn5hq1.jpg
I was lucky enough to be standing next to these four as they prepared for the race.  The young girl in the green shirt was a Make A Wish participant and the others were there supporting her through the 5K.  It was really moving watching them all get ready and I hope they had a great race.
 photo 2015nl5k8_zps5y9nqqyb.jpg
 photo 2015nl5k9_zpsmeavrefa.jpg
The announcers were dressed as "Bobbies" and were looking for the Darlings since Hook had captured them.
 photo 2015nl5k10_zpssatoexuy.jpg
Fireworks before the race started light up the sky over the castle
 photo 2015nl5k11_zpsa4fyo1hk.jpg
I know it's a horrible picture, but that green spot is Tinker Bell flying.  This is one race that she flies for and she goes back and forth and it is a lot of fun to watch.
 photo 2015nl5k12_zpsbwjgbq3k.jpg
We started just off Main Street and they let the confetti fly to send us off
 photo 2015nl5k41_zpsi3ikohjy.jpg
Believe it or not I'm somewhere in this picture, just not sure where
 photo 2015nl5k13_zpsxq13b9ct.jpg
The third shift custodians were out across from It's a Small World and they were thanking us - but I thanked them as I went by
 photo 2015nl5k14_zpsrd4aqrrb.jpg
During the race, the participants were encouraged to crow each time Peter Pan's shadow was spotted.  Let me tell you there was a lot of crowing and there were a lot of Peter Pan shadows on the course.
 photo 2015nl5k15_zpsdxhxppui.jpg
This time we were congratulated by the custodians - so cool
 photo 2015nl5k16_zpsifqkkr8k.jpg
Headed in to ToonTown
 photo 2015nl5k46_zpsqltbo7ts.jpg
Walking through ToonTown
 photo 2015nl5k17_zpsqrsilmlt.jpg
Will there be pirates ahead?  There were a lot of pirates out and about in Disneyland.  In fact, I even saw Smee and Captain Hook out there...
 photo 2015nl5k18_zps1vaz7dvz.jpg
I wonder if Peter is hearing all the crowing and if he knows his shadow is flying alone
 photo 2015nl5k19_zpshu5uht5u.jpg
Is Peter fighting Hook?
 photo 2015nl5k20_zpskr3cmz7e.jpg
Umbrellas and Ponchos were standard Cast Member gear today
 photo 2015nl5k21_zpsevghgmhc.jpg
Disneyland Train Station
 photo 2015nl5k22_zpsolfey0lc.jpg
Mile Marker 2 - Mile Marker 1 was somewhere around Big Thunder
 photo 2015nl5k23_zpsyhjtrdhf.jpg
The dreaded down the hill and up the hill - this will be one of many trips down and up this hill this weekend
 photo 2015nl5k24_zpszw3jjsrn.jpg
California Adventure is all lit up and pretty in the rain
 photo 2015nl5k25_zpsj7lthyhx.jpg
Read Trolley Car
 photo 2015nl5k26_zpsqxfq1vl8.jpg
This pirate was out on the course and joking with runners as they passed.  He found himself quite hilarious
 photo 2015nl5k27_zps0igpa4hm.jpg
Another joking pirate.  He was also having fun with runners
 photo 2015nl5k28_zpsoglkg5rh.jpg
Heading in to A Bug's Land
 photo 2015nl5k29_zpsqwgvhgx0.jpg
 photo 2015nl5k30_zpsq5wuy0zp.jpg
Cars Land neon is always a cool site
 photo 2015nl5k31_zpscektlx8g.jpg
So long Cars Land
 photo 2015nl5k32_zpsobicklwr.jpg
Mickey's Fun Wheel and the ugliness that is the World of Color fountain heads (sorry folks, but unless the lights and fountains are on, I find this site unappealing)
 photo 2015nl5k33_zpsfeccsj9m.jpg
Headed in to Paradise Pier
 photo 2015nl5k34_zpskpossqg6.jpg
Some Lost Boys are hanging out under a canopy
 photo 2015nl5k45_zpsgvukrhnp.jpg
Not sure what I'm grinning about - probably the silliness of walking around the parks in the rain
 photo 2015nl5k35_zpsibkovqah.jpg
Mile 3 - Love that the kids are looking out the window
 photo 2015nl5k36_zpsnidt6tkm.jpg
Mr Potato Head was rather quiet this wet morning
 photo 2015nl5k37_zps8hoobhcd.jpg
Wendy and Peter were right before the finish stretch for photos
 photo 2015nl5k38_zpsy0vx8ssj.jpg
Hello Finish Line
 photo 2015nl5k42_zpssxflxmsg.jpg
Glad to have crossed the finish line
 photo 2015nl5k39_zps7wtidqa7.jpg
The crowded mess that was just beyond the finish line.  Medals, water, Powerade and snack boxes in a very tight area
 photo 2015nl5k43_zpsmlrdmhat.jpg
Finisher's Photo
 photo 2015nl5k4_zps2khcz16j.jpg
2015 Never Land 5K medallion
 photo 2015nl5k3_zps6hjbhwpd.jpg
2015 Never Land 5K Lanyard

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 Run for Ryan House Half Marathon

Okay this was one strange and unusual race. This is the third time I've done this race...It is a race that has kicked me when I was down twice before and the third time was no different.

The race started at 7:00am and it was about 55 degrees and very windy. This is an incredibly small race and I knew that I would be at the back of the pack the whole time.

I started the race at a slow and comfortable pace, not worrying about being at the back of the pack. The first part of the race was mostly downhill - that's great, but that means we're going uphill later. I was thrown off because I didn't see any mile markers - turns out, they were there, but the wind blew them over.  I'm having Avengers deja vu.

I was doing my 45 second walk/30 second run intervals and honestly I was feeling really good. My legs were feeling fantastic - probably the best they've felt in quite some time. Still I was trying to keep it slow and easy. I finished the 5K at a 14:15 per mile pace.

Then the tough part of the course came...and I truly remembered why this race is so tough. Here was the uphill, and this isn't Florida overpass hill, it's a good mile of steady climb. If that isn't bad enough it was in to the wind the whole way. And I walked...no shame in that, figured I'd save myself for the last half of the race.

Still feeling good even with the hill and at the 10K point I was still at a 14:41 per mile pace. I'm okay with that. I had been drinking water, but not every mile because I wasn't able to see the mile markers. There were water stops every two miles and I took a Gatorade at each one. I felt like I was drinking enough.

Remember all the downhill in the beginning? Yep, now it's all back uphill. By mile 8 I was starting to feel tired. My legs were still doing okay, but I was just dragging a bit. Still I was trying to run/walk as best I could. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to finish the race at about the 9 mile point.

I kept going and I finally hit the 10 mile point and I was at a 15:16 per mile pace. Perfectly fine pace for the course, but then things just went very weird.

I am walking along and all of a sudden I think I have to sit down, I have to stop. This doesn't make sense, what's going on. I just started feeling quite odd. I wasn't hurting in my legs, my breathing was not fantastic, but under control, and still I felt like my body wasn't under my control. It was really all I could do to put one foot in front of the other. I would look at my feet and it was as if someone else was controlling them.  I struggled to keep lifting my feet and moving them forward.

Finally, at 10.63 miles I came to an intersection with two police and I asked if there was anyone picking people up if they needed to stop. They said they'd check and see what they could find out. At this point I just needed to stop and there were only three people behind me and I knew they'd be catching up soon. I stood there, took off my watch, put my headphones away and finished my water. Here comes the next person and she tries to coax me in to finishing, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm swollen and I am pretty sure I am dehydrated which doesn't make sense with the amount of water and Gatorade I have had to drink.

Here come the last two people and the bike that has been following them. He informs me that his radio is dead, but he'll go ahead and find someone. The last two women encourage me to keep going with them. I walk a while longer and I'm just feeling like this is going to kill me. Then the bike guy comes back and tells me that someone will get me right around the next corner. This coincided with the next water stop.

I get there and talk to two race officials and he said he would pull his truck around and the other guy waited with me. I asked how close we were to being done and he said about a mile. I couldn't really pull off with a mile left. The volunteers were packing up the water stop, but I saw a guy carrying bottled water. I asked if I could have one and he told me they ran out and he had to go to the store to get some, but sure I could have one.  I let him know that he was my lifesaver today!

So, on I went trying to catch up to the last two people and the bike. It took a while, but I did finally catch them and they were great girls. It was their first half marathon and they were just in it to finish - one and done as they said. They were really nice and we chatted along the way and kept each other moving.

Turns out, my Garmin was right and there was still over two miles to go, but now I at least had company to suffer through the rest of the way with. They were picking up the cones as we passed them. It was certainly a different experience. Finally we were at the finish chute and I hung back to let the two girls finish together in front of me. So, I was officially the very last person to cross the finish line - not sure if my time was the slowest because they started a few seconds ahead of me, but I'll have to see what happens when the official results are up.

I managed to finish even with two lengthy stops on the course. I can't really explain what happened out there, it was nothing I've ever experienced before and I hope to not experience it ever again. Still, thanks to the kindness of strangers I managed to get myself across the finish line.

 photo 2015rrhh1_zpscrmrkqfa.jpg
Yep, that's the start...I told you this was a very small race field
 photo 2015rrhh2_zpszpgftpm7.jpg
At least the scenery is pretty!

2015 Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

I was glad to be back in Arizona for the Lost Dutchman events. In the past I have done the 8K Trail Run, but this year I decided to go for the half marathon. It's a road race and the last half of the marathon follows the half marathon course.

Sadly, this wasn't a stellar race day for me. Did a rookie mistake and started out to fast, but truly died at the half way point. I was more sore after this race than I have been in years and it was truly hard to move - my left heel was in complete agony, my right knee gave me trouble the whole time and both hips hurt. It was strange because I felt dehydrated even though I was downing water and even Gatorade. Despite all that I did finish so it could have been worse.

At my mile 8-9 the lead marathon male went by, then at mile 10 a guy comes running by and asked - can I catch him? I yelled - yes you can he is right up there and on he zoomed by. When I got to the finish stretch he was on the side and I yelled, "did you catch him?"  He grinned and said, "Yes, yes I did!"  I checked when I got home and he finished the marathon in first place - with a time of 2:51, beating the lead runner he passed by just over 2 minutes...so that was a lot of fun to be a part of.

It had been a while since I had done a non-Disney half and I forgot how much more mental toughness it takes to do a race with no entertainment and minimal spectator support. Still this is a beautiful course and the volunteers were great.  If you're ever in Arizona in mid-February come on out and give this one a try.

 photo 2015ldmh1_zpswcjqsvim.jpg
Pre-race the prospector and his trusty donkey were setting up for photos
 photo 2015ldmh2_zpscergdaat.jpg
Yep, I know I'm in trouble when the last pace sign is a 12 minute per mile pace
 photo 2015ldmh3_zpsvt5tosas.jpg
Cloudy start and the view is quite pretty
 photo 2015ldmh4_zpsvefbxzes.jpg
A little closer to the hills on the later part of the course
 photo 2015ldmh5_zpsoqgosood.jpg
I'm at the back of the pack and you can see I don't have to worry about crowding on this course
 photo 2015ldmh6_zps9eqiq8ii.jpg
This is the dirt road I walk to in order to get back to my car.  Yes, they have bus transportation to and from the parking, but I figure it's usually better to walk it off than catch a ride and really it's just so pretty