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Thursday, January 19, 2017

2016 Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side 5K

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side 5K in Walt Disney World.  The expo was pretty standard, but they did have characters there to take photos with - I did not do this because the lines were extremely long, over an hour for each of them at one point while I was there.

Packet pick-up was pretty much the same as any of the other Walt Disney World race weekends.  I had to stop and pick up my 5K Bib and also my Dark Side Challenge Bib.  The lines weren't too bad and I managed to get through them pretty quickly.

The official merchandise was crazy as usual and there were lines set up to get in and then lines to check out.  It was very busy and crowded, even at the start of the expo so I took a deep breath and went with the flow.

The race went through Epcot and was pretty much the standard Walt Disney World 5K course.  There were of course some bottle necks and overall crowding on the course, but that's pretty normal as well.  The saddest part were the character lines, people were actually being turned away from the lines because they were so long they had to shut them down.  While I'm not fast enough to stop, I felt really bad for the children on the course that would have loved to have their pictures taken with characters, but didn't get a chance.  
 photo 2016swds5k29_zpsmldllxwg.jpg
Star Wars Dark Side 5K Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2016swds5k28_zpslz97ux7e.jpg
Star Wars Dark Side 5K Bib
 photo 2016swds5k30_zps9puppfir.jpg
Star Wars Dark Side 5K Car Magnet
 photo 2016swds5k31_zps6mlbe7hi.jpg
Commemorative 5K Pin
 photo 2016swds5k32_zps9mpzmiqz.jpg
5K Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016swds5k1_zpstxqbukjo.jpg
5K Start Line
 photo 2016swds5k2_zpsncc17icv.jpg
Say hello to the announcers
 photo 2016swds5k3_zpsqndttzqn.jpg
And we're off!
 photo 2016swds5k5_zps1eapm2wa.jpg
R2D2 had one of the longest lines I'd ever seen - this was one of the lines that was closed when I went by
 photo 2016swds5k6_zpsa0adtcn9.jpg
Mile 1 as we head in the back of Epcot
 photo 2016swds5k7_zpstr2311tm.jpg
Large screens were set up playing Star Wars movie clips
 photo 2016swds5k8_zpsn6fuzrgk.jpg
The countries around World Showcase were lit up. I'm sure it was supposed to be red for the dark side, but really it looked pink and kind of made me smile
 photo 2016swds5k9_zpsyjq79agm.jpg
It's off to run we go
 photo 2016swds5k10_zpsr8iwcqqb.jpg
Who's the fairest one of all?
 photo 2016swds5k36_zpsenl39e8q.jpg
Enjoying a stroll around World Showcase
 photo 2016swds5k12_zpsu2amoehq.jpg
American Pavilion is very pretty in the early morning light
 photo 2016swds5k14_zpsv1unwmop.jpg
Yes, this is a line of people waiting for a character to come back out
 photo 2016swds5k15_zpswmj9gwme.jpg
Mile 2
 photo 2016swds5k17_zps0z4cg5ty.jpg
Eeyore and Piglet
 photo 2016swds5k20_zpsbvspsxwn.jpg
Spaceship Earth ahead
 photo 2016swds5k21_zpsmac2np0h.jpg
Phineas and Ferb
 photo 2016swds5k22_zpspfu1nubq.jpg
Howdy Mickey!
 photo 2016swds5k23_zpsk5wdogq7.jpg
Pretty little flowers
 photo 2016swds5k25_zpsfwj0cr5i.jpg
This is the first race with Photopass Photographers instead of MarathonFoto. I like the fact that they are easy to spot with their little green pop-up tents.
 photo 2016swds5k26_zps6wdkpwou.jpg
Mile 3
 photo 2016swds5k27_zpsqnjjhx6a.jpg
The finish line
 photo 2016swds5k33_zpsohv3rues.jpg
Star Wars Dark Side 5K medal
 photo 2016swds5k34_zpsxmf1dyzu.jpg
Star Wars Dark Side 5K Lanyard
 photo 2016swds5k43_zpst2gxbwvw.jpg
Official Finisher Photo - I like the logo included with the PhotoPass picture, but notice the backdrop is just a generic runDisney backdrop - no more race specific backdrops. I am very bummed about that.

In summary, this race wasn't terrible.  It was a bit crowded, but it wasn't terrible.  The character lines were ridiculous and some of the worst I've seen.  The Photopass Photographers were easy to spot, but I did encounter some issues with the photos later on.  Still, if you like Star Wars and runDisney this isn't a terrible race to do.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Yep, I know this is a bit late, but here's a short story about last year's Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  I hurt my back in September 2015 and that injury persisted in to 2016.  I was hoping I could do Dopey, but it just wasn't in the cards.  I made it through the 5K without to much trouble and then the 10K just about killed me - thankfully, Chris was with me and helped me get through it.  I spent the next two days cheering on friends during the half and full marathon.  It was still a great weekend doing what I could and getting to spend time with great friends.
 photo 2016WDW21_zps7zk66qze.jpg
Official Program Guide
 photo 2016WDW7_zpsytaxevjg.jpg
2016 Vinylmation
 photo 2016WDW13_zpscmlf25wa.jpg
Front of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2016WDW14_zpstoeeogcc.jpg
Back of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2016WDW12_zpsebobvx5m.jpg
Commemorative Charm Necklace
 photo 2016WDW4_zpsf3ygqw7j.jpg
Commemorative Button
 photo 2016WDW15_zpstqdxmlpd.jpg
WDW 5K Participant Shirt
 photo 2016WDW2_zpsbb8eme2o.jpg
WDW 5K Car Magnet
 photo 2016WDW5_zpshzintjly.jpg
WDW 5K Button
 photo 2016WDW8_zpsoorygxwl.jpg
WDW 5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016WDW10_zpsbrln1sh2.jpg
WDW 5K Medal Replica Pint
 photo 2016WDW16_zpsvoqmxgdc.jpg
WDW 10K Participant Shirt
 photo 2016WDW6_zps9s2xvgsu.jpg
WDW 10K Button
 photo 2016WDW9_zpselwqunyf.jpg
WDW 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016WDW11_zpsfnexzt7g.jpg
WDW 10K Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016WDW3_zpsgzec9frw.jpg
WDW 10K Car Magnet
 photo 2016WDW1_zpsdizaomyr.jpg
Dopey Bib
 photo 2016WDW41_zpsl9qwrh3l.jpg
WDW 5K Finisher Photo
 photo 2016WDW17_zpsi4qlphkz.jpg
WDW 5K Lanyard
 photo 2016WDW18_zpsgj8uql94.jpg
WDW 5K Medal
 photo 2016WDW46_zps26kvwf4w.jpg
Thanks to Chris, I actually finished this race
 photo 2016WDW42_zpstrspcgvc.jpg
WDW 10K Finisher Photo
 photo 2016WDW19_zpsh9iys99t.jpg
WDW 10K Lanyard
 photo 2016WDW20_zpslonuflks.jpg
WDW 10K Medal

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