2015 Training Stats

Miles Completed = 269.02
(Run/Walked = 167.88, Biked = 94.9, Elliptical = 6.27)


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Walt Disney World 10K

 photo 2015wdw10K38_zpsotbciwyx.jpg
2015 Walt Disney World 10K Mini Button
 photo 2015wdw10K40_zpsewwah5n7.jpg
Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015wdw10K39_zpsqpmnyopy.jpg
10K Medal Pin
 photo 2015wdw10K41_zpswruxnscc.jpg
Participant Long Sleeve Tech Shirt

It is very cold out again today and I'm wishing I had long sleeves again, but I don't so I know the wait is going to be chilly!

No monorail issues today, I made it over to Epcot and the reunion area pretty easily.  In fact, it was so quick that I made it over there before any one else made it, but Chris showed up shortly and then Justin with his changing facial hair.  We stood around shivering and chatting and finally we made our way over to the corral area.  Of course that meant it was bio break time before getting in the crush of the corral.

 photo 2015wdw10K9_zpsh9osaj3r.jpg
Look it's almost completely empty, which means I'm early
 photo 2015wdw10K4_zpswohl9oew.jpg
The motley crew

We all headed our separate ways and I headed off to corral F, yep, the last corral again.  As I was walking over to the corral, I realized that I forgot my interval timer on the dresser...This of course made me think to myself, what am I going to do?  Will I try to interval, walk, or what?

Thankfully the corral was full of a lot of nice people and we stood around chatting and standing much closer than normal in an attempt to stay warm.  Corral walked by us and it was very strange because the corral was huge, it seemed like it was as big as some of the later corrals.  When corral B came by, it was super small - it all seemed so backwards.  Corrals C and D were bigger and then E was smaller again.

 photo 2015wdw10K10_zpsgk6qnbfo.jpg
Watching the other corrals head to the start line
 photo 2015wdw10K11_zps2n76bwap.jpg
Spaceship Earth from the corral

Then it was time for us to move up - yeah!  I'm pretty close to the front again today, but I stayed back a little further than yesterday.  I'm really cold so I am so ready to get moving - and then we were off.

 photo 2015wdw10K8_zpsesb52los.jpg
The start line banner
 photo 2015wdw10K12_zpsj7lnabfc.jpg
And we're off

Left out of the Epcot parking lot and Ana and Elsa are on the overpass asking if we want to build a snowman later.  Ugh - no cold talk please!
 photo 2015wdw10K13_zpsjlhy2opt.jpg
Not that you can easily tell, but that's Ana and Elsa up there looking down on us all

There's mile marker 1 and I'm feeling a little warmer.  I'm trying to settle in to a run/walk routine based on how I feel.  Since I'm feeling pretty good, I'm running more than I probably should, but I'm not too concerned because the course is pretty bottle necked for this first mile.

 photo 2015wdw10K14_zpsg5n5yr1a.jpg
One down

As it was yesterday, Chris is done before I even get started.  As we go up an overpass we can see all the sweeper vans down below.  I'm pretty sure I saw Lilo and Stitch off to my left.

Mile marker 2 is just up ahead.  The course still feels pretty crowded and the crowding continues until I reach the mile 3 marker.

 photo 2015wdw10K15_zps1xebtxto.jpg
Mile two
 photo 2015wdw10K16_zpspfvrybgy.jpg
Mile three

Things finally start opening up and I can run a little bit more again.  Before long we're headed in to Epcot and that makes me smile.  We head around and come in to World Showcase.  Mushu is in China - so cute!

 photo 2015wdw10K17_zpsnjin4yqy.jpg
Heading in the back of Epcot
 photo 2015wdw10K18_zpskgyx7hfm.jpg
Stilt performers
 photo 2015wdw10K19_zpsnmvvendz.jpg
Little tiny Mushu

It is just getting light and the views are amazing around the lagoon.  The Illuminations torches are on and all the lights in the countries are so pretty.

 photo 2015wdw10K20_zpsfct5livx.jpg
Lagoon with a view
 photo 2015wdw10K5_zpsf5v4lfkx.jpg
I look like I'm in pain
 photo 2015wdw10K21_zpslibg3vvd.jpg
Pretty quiet country
 photo 2015wdw10K6_zpsbp5o4eey.jpg
At least I look happier here
 photo 2015wdw10K22_zpsu8wzg9kq.jpg
Lonely tree

Mile 4 comes at Japan.  Then we're at France and headed up the hill and out the International Gateway.  It's over the bridge and on to the Boardwalk.  Football Mickey is there for a photo opp.

 photo 2015wdw10K23_zpspegzxssb.jpg
Mile marker 4
 photo 2015wdw10K24_zpsztxkhb2n.jpg
On the boardwalk
 photo 2015wdw10K25_zpsqfgpwqfq.jpg
Football Mickey is hiding behind those flags

Continuing on around the Boardwalk and I'm getting quite a few compliments on my lit up Eeyore costume, complete with detachable tail!  Now we're over the bridge that leads to the Yacht and Beach Club and there's mile marker 5.

 photo 2015wdw10K26_zpskndu6wgn.jpg
Which way do we go, which way do we go?
 photo 2015wdw10K27_zpsjcrpi7tk.jpg
Just keep swimming cause it's mile five

We head back in the International Gateway where Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are waiting for photos.

 photo 2015wdw10K28_zpsleckk5ss.jpg
Which am I - Dee or Dum? Ha, I know the answer to that one!

Backstage in Epcot and back around to Future World.  Around by the Imagination Pavilion.  As I'm going along a guy says I think your skirt is going to fall off.  I had to explain that it was actually pinned on so it isn't going anywhere.

 photo 2015wdw10K29_zpshrkt8aso.jpg
The glorious backstage of Epcot
 photo 2015wdw10K30_zpsors1c0qv.jpg
I'm imaging being done
 photo 2015wdw10K32_zpsxkv4q4ii.jpg
A peaceful spot on the course
 photo 2015wdw10K33_zps218vz9te.jpg
No sleeping with the fishes today!
 photo 2015wdw10K2_zpsvo4a639o.jpg
The water is going up in the air and I don't even notice
 photo 2015wdw10K3_zps3wq6nlt3.jpg
If only I could get a cup of coffee...and watch everyone else run by 

Now we're backstage again. Mike and Sebastian puppets are lit up and out to greet us right across from mile marker 6.

 photo 2015wdw10K34_zpsl7cht5rq.jpg
I have my eye on you...
 photo 2015wdw10K35_zps2jbj2s4r.jpg
Mile six at last

We head out of Epcot and are on the way to the finish line.  I run in the last little bit and I'm feeling pretty good.  My time certainly isn't fast, but I'm not here for PRs this weekend, I want to do everything I can to finish all the races without too much pain and leave enough in my tank for next weekend's races.

 photo 2015wdw10K36_zpspw5mg0ae.jpg
The end is near
 photo 2015wdw10K37_zpstp3jno3t.jpg
Done at last
 photo 2015wdw10K1_zpshyri6akh.jpg
Happy to be done
 photo 2015wdw10K7_zpsvjwrf4vy.jpg
I broke character - Eeyore shouldn't be so happy
 photo 2015wdw10K42_zpss0pef7s7.jpg
2015 WDW 10K Medal
 photo 2015wdw10K43_zpsqtd4gume.jpg
2015 WDW 10K Medal Lanyard

Friday, July 3, 2015

2015 Walt Disney World Family Fun Run 5K

 photo 2015wdw5K18_zpsoym5lmk4.jpg
2015 WDW Marathon Weekend Official Program
 photo 2015wdw5K21_zpstvmjxteu.jpg
No vinylmation medals this year - now we have surprise runDisney vinylmations
 photo 2015wdw5K19_zpsgwyjfuq1.jpg
2015 WDW 5K Medal Pin
 photo 2015wdw5K16_zpscyarom1x.jpg
2015 WDW Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015wdw5K20_zps9ckztdwn.jpg
Love these little buttons for the races - this is the 5K button. They aren't full sized buttons, but little mini buttons
 photo 2015wdw5K17_zpsn2gqid4d.jpg
Dopey bib for the 5K and 10K
 photo 2015wdw5K15_zpsmoexyqwy.jpg
Participant T-Shirt

And so it begins - the 3:00am alarm!  I got up and got my gear on and had a Lara Bar and some water.  I decided to step out on my balcony to check the weather and I have to say it was a bit of a shock to my system - very chilly and so windy.  I was thinking this was going to be a good indicator of what was to come, but really it turned out to just be a teaser.

I bundled myself up as good as I could and headed out a little before 4:00am.  The walkway from Bay Lake Tower to the Tower was so cold and windy.  It had me a bit worried about how this was going to go.  I'm a little self conscious today as I'm dressed as a Dalmatian, but on the bright side (pun intended) my skirt lights up!

Up to the monorail and it was just me and one other person on the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC).  Took the chilly walk up to the Epcot Monorail (Teal) and it was waiting so at least we got to sit and wait out of the cold...and then we waited and waited and waited.  Finally we were told that Monorail Gold's brakes engaged on the beam and they couldn't disengage them - we would have to wait while they tried rebooting Monorail Gold.  After a few minutes we hear Monorail Teal is going offline - hey wait that's the one I'm on.

They shuffled us off the monorail and had us all walk down to find a bus.  Down the ramp and around we go and it's cold.  Thank goodness we didn't have to stand in the cold - they brought over a Disney Transport bus for us and we were loaded and on our way to Epcot with Cast Members on their way to work.  At least the bus was warm.

Once I got there I met up with Chris and we went to stand by some tables with tablecloths.  We did our best to use the tablecloths as wind shields.  Let me tell you it was tempting to take the tablecloth and just wrap it around myself in an attempt to stay warm.  Still, it helped marginally.  Let me tell you it was torture when that bitter, biting, bone chilling  wind would blow.

 photo 2015wdw5K8_zpsisjyipga.jpg
Chris and I smiling even though we're freezing...It's too bad that the flash makes it so you cannot see the lights in my skirt

After a bio break we headed toward the corrals and walked for a bit to stay warm.  Then it was time for us to head to our corrals.  Chris headed off to corral A and I headed off to corral F - yep, the last corral for me - sigh.

I was pretty close to the front of the corral.  I wasn't worried about being right up front, I just didn't want to be in the very back.  I stood there shivering - so cold even with my hand warmers...I forgot to mention those.  I picked up extra large hand warmers from Target so I could at least keep my hands warm if the weather was cold.  Boy was I glad I had them today.

The National Anthem was performed by a trumpeter and I love it when the crowd sings along!  Wheelchair start was at 6:15am and shortly after corral A was off.  The next corrals were started 8 minutes apart.  As I started walking toward the start line Chris sent me a text that he was done and already got a photo with Pluto...oh, to be fast.

As I was standing there, I was just a little way back from the front and Rudy says - look there, there's only one Dalmatian.  He continued with - you know why there's only one?  The other 100 decided that it was to cold.  Don't worry though, we don't see Cruella de Vil anywhere.

I have to say that this was a real highlight for me.  To actually get a shout out from the announcers because of my costume was really cool.  I was also very happy that they figured out that I was a Dalmatian.  I was hearing a lot of spotted cow comments - costume fail - what do you expect when you throw it together the night before you travel?  Still, I enjoyed my costume with my lights.

 photo 2015wdw5K36_zpsxwrc8ivi.jpg
The start line banner, it was really hard to get a good photo the way the lights were set up

Finally after what seemed like forever it was our turn.  It was a little hard to run because of the cold, but after a quarter of a mile or so I was starting to warm up a bit.  As we headed backstage Atta was there for a photo opp.

 photo 2015wdw5K35_zps5wrjmlk5.jpg
She's a bit fuzzy, but that's Princess Atta

Here comes mile marker 1 as we head in to the park.  Then we're off around World Showcase.  Daisy was in Germany in her German garb.  By this point I was feeling pretty good - as long as I was moving.  I know someone was out in Italy, but I didn't see who, Chip and Dale in Kimonos were in Japan.

 photo 2015wdw5K34_zpsvupwwgsr.jpg
Another fuzzy photo, but that's mile marker 1
 photo 2015wdw5K33_zpssbgpsl0h.jpg
A beautiful day as the sun came up
 photo 2015wdw5K11_zpsmwyt9hua.jpg
Just past Italy
 photo 2015wdw5K10_zps3pyojzl1.jpg
You'd think I was in Italy forever!
 photo 2015wdw5K31_zpsiycoiuhg.jpg
The American Adventure
 photo 2015wdw5K30_zpsnlzglp8q.jpg
Chip and Dale in Japan
 photo 2015wdw5K3_zpss8dpktgo.jpg
Just past Japan and still moving along
 photo 2015wdw5K32_zps2dnikaud.jpg
Spaceship Earth in the distance across the water

I'm maintaining my 1 minute walk/30 second run intervals and they feel pretty good, but there are some crowding issues that make it difficult to run.  There were 13,000 participants, but the crowds don't seem so bad, at least not much worse than last year even though there are 3000 more participants.

Marie was in France.  Then comes the mile two marker.  Donald is in Canada wearing his lumberjack gear.  Now we get to see Spaceship Earth and it is really pretty this morning.  The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  Backstage for a tiny stretch and then we head out and there's the mile three marker.

 photo 2015wdw5K29_zpsgaceex0m.jpg
Marie in France
 photo 2015wdw5K4_zpskv30p4co.jpg
Chugging along going past France
 photo 2015wdw5K28_zpsijyavmh3.jpg
The beauty of the day did not convey the cold wind blowing
 photo 2015wdw5K27_zpsxrbvboni.jpg
Mile Marker Two
 photo 2015wdw5K26_zps0hi0ni1t.jpg
Fuzzy Donald in Canada
 photo 2015wdw5K24_zps9cmwlyft.jpg
The Seas with Nemo and Friends
 photo 2015wdw5K25_zpsclegwio4.jpg
Spaceship Earth
 photo 2015wdw5K23_zpsrsxtqnix.jpg
Pretty Spaceship Earth and now it's so close
 photo 2015wdw5K22_zpsb3tnkpt0.jpg
Mile Marker Three - we're almost done!

I decide to run in to the end.  As I come up to the finish line the announcers say - not only did the one Dalmatian start, she finished too!  Now you need to go tell the other 100 Dalmatians they need to buy you dinner.

 photo 2015wdw5K1_zpsnitwufcq.jpg
The finish line chute
 photo 2015wdw5K6_zpsnmbmcx9l.jpg
The finish line stretch
 photo 2015wdw5K12_zpsdzjet9my.jpg
And done!

That was so cool.  Two shout outs from the announcers.  That made the race even more fun.  I head through and get my medal and finisher photo.  Dopey Challengers are told they have to go through the white tent, so I head through and we're all told that we're fine and don't need to stop as there's no check in today.

 photo 2015wdw5K7_zpstwidog5r.jpg
Got my medal
 photo 2015wdw5K9_zpskhxs18x5.jpg
Official finisher photo

Okay, now that we're clear.  I grab a banana and head out.  I stop at information and just make sure the monorail is running again before I walk all the way over there.  Through security and up the ramp and there's no wait.  I'm on the monorail and we get a minute or two out from the TTC and guess what happens...We have to stop and wait for Monorail Yellow to change beams - welcome to my luck!  Thankfully it didn't take too long and we make it to the TTC and then I get ready to head up to the Magic Kingdom monorail, but the resort line is running so as least I'm not stuck again.

Other than being a bit cold while waiting the race was fun today and a good start to Dopey!  photo 2015wdw5K14_zps9jada3zs.jpg
2015 WDW Family Fun Run 5K medallion
 photo 2015wdw5K13_zpsq6etdfmk.jpg
2015 WDW Family Fun Run 5K lanyard