2014 Training Stats

Miles Completed = 197.38
(Run/Walked = 133.38, Biked = 61.50, Elliptical = 2.50)


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 6

Wasn't sure how I was going to feel on the weekend.

While I am still a bit tired, I did manage to get a little sleep last night which seems to have helped some.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about eating either, but figured as long as I had a plan I would be okay.

Breakfast:  Eggs and Mushrooms
I tossed a handful of mushrooms in to some extra virgin olive oil (evoo) to saute and then a handful of spinach and let it cook down a bit, then I scrambled three eggs in with the veggies.  I also had a pear and a few blueberries I had left over from earlier in the week.

While I slept in a bit this morning, that meant that I had breakfast later than usual.  While it didn't matter for this meal it would impact the rest of the day.  Still this was a great breakfast and I sat and enjoyed it.

Lunch:  Ground Pork, Mushrooms and Spinach
Threw some ground pork with some evoo and let it brown up, then a handful of mushrooms and lastly a handful of spinach.  I let these all blend and brown up some more.

I was pretty hungry by the time I had lunch as it was a lot later than I normally eat so this was a great quick and easy meal.

Dinner:  Chicken and Broccoli
Not much creativity today.  I sauteed chicken breast in evoo and then threw in some broccoli and browned everything well.

I had dinner closer to lunch today because I wanted to make sure I ate and left a few hours before I settled down for the night.  This meant I wasn't super hungry and I found it tough to eat my meal.  I did eat it, but this is something I will have to keep an eye on during the weekends.

Today went pretty well.  I didn't feel tempted to eat things I shouldn't which was good.  The only thing that is tough right now is only drinking water.  I am missing my Powerade Zero - it's not that I need it, but I like some different flavor once in a while.  Yes, Whole 30 allows coffee and tea, but I don't really drink either because even decaf tends to make me ill...this is kind of a bummer, but I'm dealing with it.

I can tell that I've lost some water weight - it's pretty easy for me to see.  This makes it even harder to not weigh myself, but that would be dumb because I do know that right now it's just the water weight that leaving and that's not permanent change.

If I can manage it I will finally try to get some miles in tomorrow.  My left heel is starting to feel better after Disneyland (yes, I will post on this soon) so I think if I take it easy I should be okay.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 5

Feeling a bit better today.

I'm still fighting this darn cough/allergy issue.  Not sure what has got me, but it doesn't want to let me go.  At least the headache was gone today and while I'm still a bit tired, it wasn't ridiculous like yesterday.  The stomach upset is still present, but certainly nothing difficult to deal with.

Breakfast:  Eggs and Spinach
I tossed a handful of spinach in a pan with some olive oil and let it cook down a bit, then I scrambled three eggs in with the spinach.

This was a pretty good breakfast.  Easy to make and more than enough food without overfilling me.

Lunch:  Pork Chop, Avocado and Baby Carrots
I sauteed a pork chop last night, then today I sliced half an avocado and grabbed some baby carrots.

I have to say that I really like the super easy to grab and eat lunches.  It makes things super easy.

This meal did unsettle my stomach a bit though.  I didn't feel overfull, but my stomach just didn't feel happy either.  I think this is just my poor stomach adjusting to this food.

Dinner:  One pot soup - ground beef, mushrooms, veggie medley, beef broth and spinach
I made this soup up last night so that it could cook for a bit and then blend during the day.  I took ground beef and browned it in olive oil, then I put whole mushrooms in and cooked them down a little bit.  Next to go in was Imagine organic beef broth and some water.  Once that came to a boil I added in veggie medley (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and a couple of handfuls of spinach.  I let this boil for a few minutes then I turned it down to simmer for an hour or so.  Then I let it cool and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

I put the soup on to heat up this evening and oh my did it turn out great.  I enjoyed every bite of this delicious dinner!

I know that I am not supposed to multi-task while I eat, but that just doesn't work for me.  I almost always have some sort of noise on in the house and I typically read while I eat.  Still, I am trying to be much more aware of the food I am eating and I am trying very hard to slow down and not gulp my food.  I think I've been doing a good job of this and I am paying attention to how I feel and the flavors I am eating.

One thing that I noticed today is that my legs are swelling less and when they swell the swelling goes down much more quickly.  See, I have pretty bad circulation in my legs and sitting at a desk all day can really cause me issues.  I try so hard to not cross or sit on my legs and I have a box that I can straighten my legs out on and I get up as much as I can, but it doesn't always help. Tonight when I got home things were not as bad as usual.  It will be interesting to see if this continues.