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Friday, July 21, 2017

Photobucket Restricted 3rd Party Hosting

I apologize for the lack of photos on my posts right now.  Photobucket has restricted 3rd party hosting to only accounts you pay for and I have been using their free hosting.  I am currently researching new options for photo hosting and hope to update my posts to include actual photos at some point in the near future.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

2016 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series

I was contemplative when runDisney decided to hold a virtual 5K series during the summer of 2016. I wasn't sure if the cost was worth it or not, but I also knew that there aren't many things to keep me motivated during the Arizona summer, so I thought I'd give it a try. I decided to sign up for the full series which includes three virtual 5K races. Each race completed earned a medal and completing all three races earned a series medal. The registration fee also included a tumbler. Once the series was over, participant tumblers and medals would be mailed.

A link was sent to participants to go to the runDisney website to print out participant bibs. They included one bib for each race and one for the series.

Since these races are truly in summer, I completed all three races on my treadmill. I didn't have any issues completing the miles required.
I had moved after I signed up and my medals were mailed to my old address, but were then returned to the post office. I had to go to the post office to pick them up and at that time I was notified that I'd have to pay $7 to get them. I agreed to pay, although I did think this was rather ridiculous that runDisney sent them COD. When I got the box home and opened it up I was very impressed. The tumbler is pretty cute and the medals are very impressive - all four medals are metal with color and the size rivals some of my half marathon medals. Overall, I'm very impressed by the medals and it made the cost a little more justified.
 photo YellowShoesBib_zpslk11ozxw.jpg
Yellow Shoes Virtual 5K Bib
 photo RedPantsBib_zpsbwgvk3sx.jpg
Red Pants Virtual 5K Bib
 photo WhiteGloveBib_zpstr1n3twa.jpg
White Gloves Virtual 5K Bib
 photo SeriesBib_zpsfvzcvj5w.jpg
Virtual Running Series Bib
 photo YellowShoesCompleted_zpsustfacgz.jpg
Completed Yellow Shoes Virtual 5K
 photo 2016mvrs11_zpsuw0xeyza.jpg
Yellow Shoes Virtual 5K Medal
 photo 2016mvrs12_zpsqtxkijyw.jpg
Yellow Shoes Virtual 5K Lanyard
 photo RedPantsComplete_zps9m4fokzx.jpg
Completed Red Pants Virtual 5K
 photo 2016mvrs13_zpsijleexcm.jpg
Red Pants Virtual 5K Medal
 photo 2016mvrs14_zpshtlj7oew.jpg
Red Pants Virtual 5K Lanyard
 photo CompleteWhiteGlove_zpssokkvooz.jpg
Completed White GLoves Virtual 5K
 photo 2016mvrs15_zps8cwo1msy.jpg
White Glove Virtual 5K Medal
 photo 2016mvrs16_zpsbypelnv2.jpg
White Glove Virtual 5K Lanyard
 photo 2016mvrs17_zpsvvmg3e4d.jpg
runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series Medal
 photo 2016mvrs18_zpsrlqa5wwk.jpg
runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series Lanyard

The tumbler and medals came in a nice box
 photo 2016mvrs1_zpszn17dkd7.jpg
It included the following certificate
 photo 2016mvrs2_zpsw49cibui.jpg
The four medals came each wrapped in plastic and packed in a box
 photo 2016mvrs9_zpseup21znx.jpg
Top of the medal box
 photo 2016mvrs8_zpsdqp6wmco.jpg
Side of the medal box
 photo 2016mvrs10_zps8rkjtfhi.jpg
Medals in the box
 photo 2016mvrs6_zpsu6o6ljdp.jpg
Plastic Tumbler

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